A Soul Journey

a soul journey

“An accurate portrait of Porretta Soul Festival legends” 

This beautiful documentary features rare and recent interviews of the protagonists of soul music. Every year, in the last 30 years, some of the greatest “legends” of Soul and R&B have performed in Italy at the Porretta Soul Festival, the most prestigious Soul festival in Europe. A Soul Journey is a film that narrates some aspects of the intricate and delicate life of these artists and, in particular, the artistic, human and emotional journeys arrived in a small “lost” village in the Italian mountains.

Let’s look at the human aspects, the contrasts and paradoxes of these two very different worlds: on the one hand the “stars” that have played a thousand times in every corner of the world and on the other a small town in the Italian Apennines, between Bologna and Florence, in history renowned for its natural spas, which gets a “second” life: “every summer thousands of fans of Soul and R&B music come from various parts of Europe and Italy to witness a musical miracle again”.

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